Weekly Online Meeting

Friday September 8, 2023 12:00 PM


12:00-12:01 Sgt of Arms opens Meeting

12:01-12:06 Workshop Facilitator Introduces Moments of Truth

12:07-12:25 Breakout Workshops

First Impressions – Karen Bradakis

Program Planning and Meeting Organization – Sarra Idehen

Fellowship, Variety, and Communication – Sam Forlenza

12:26-12:30 First Impressions Review

12:31-12:35 Membership Orientation Review

12:36-12:40 Fellowship, Variety, and Communication Review

12:41-12:45 Program Planning and Meeting Organization Review

12:46-12:50 Achievement Recognition Review

12:51-12:55 General Evaluator Wrap Up

Word of the Month

Workshop Facilitator Janine Donald
A moment of truth is an episode where a person comes in contact with any aspect of the Toastmasters experience to form an impression of a club’s quality and service. A Handout for the Workshop will be provided.
General Evaluator Matthew Bainsmith
Gives an evaluation of the overall Workshop. Introduces report from functionary roles: Ah counter, grammarian, timer, etc.
Grammarian/Ah Counter Open
Checks for grammar use and Word of the Month use. Also checks for audible pauses and filler words.
Watcher / Chat Monitor Not Available
Notices all meeting participants and provide feedback for improvement. Watches and facilitates the chat communication.
Listener Not Available
Makes notes on the speeches and table topics and asks questions to see how well attendees listened during the meeting.
Timer Not Available
Keeps time for speeches, table topics and other roles throughout the meeting.
President or Presiding Officer Matthew Bainsmith
Calls for any club business. Wraps up meeting.
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Backup Speaker Open

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