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Friday December 1, 2023

Club Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


Matthew Bainsmith

VP of Education
Janine Donald

VP of Membership
E. Valerie Allyse

VP of Public Relations
Emily Lamoreaux

Samuel G. Forlenza

Karen J. Bradakis

Sgt. at Arms
Don Que Collard, DTM

Immediate Past President
Janine Donald

Sarra Idehen, DTM


Airplanes – Past, Present and Future

Word of the Month

Convivial (adjective): relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company.

12:00 to 12:01 PM

Sgt. at Arms or other Officer opens the Meeting. Reviews meeting protocols. Introduces Toastmaster of the Day.

12:01 to 12:03 PM
Toastmaster of the Day Vijay Chinnasamy
12:03 to 12:06 PM
Educational Moment Janine Donald
12:06 to 12:21 PM
Speaker Luis Carreno
– Ice Breaker
4 – 6 minutes
“From the Jungle to the Wilderness”
Speaker 2 Janine Donald
Presentation Mastery Level 4 Building Skills – Managing a Difficult Audience
10 – 15 minutes
Termination Documentation

Speakers have reserved 21 minutes out of 14 planned

12:21 to 12:31 PM
Topics Master Lathisha Ramanayaka, DTM
12:31 to 12:32 PM
Elevator Speech / Expression of Gratitude Lathisha Ramanayaka, DTM
12:32 to 12:34 PM
General Evaluator Leland Neil
12:34 to 12:35 PM
Evaluation of the Elevator Speech Karen J. Bradakis
12:35 to 12:41 PM
Speech Evaluator Matthew Bainsmith
Speech Evaluator 2 Lathisha Ramanayaka, DTM
12:41 to 12:42 PM
Grammarian/Ah Counter Ben Lear
12:42 to 12:44 PM
Watcher / Chat Monitor
12:44 to 12:46 PM
Listener Max Rohr
12:46 to 12:48 PM
Thought/Joke/Quote Emily Lamoreaux
12:48 to 12:50 PM
Timer Brendee Weston
12:50 to 12:54 PM
President or Presiding Officer

Meeting Adjourns

Backup Speaker